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123ignition : 123-EVO

for Citroën 2CV4, 2CV6, DYANE, AMI, Mehari

123-EVOThe '123-EVO' replaces the former 123-BLUE and is a further development. ( 123-EVOLUTIF )

It offers many different advance curves, 5 for tuning with regular fuel, 5 for tuning with LPG/ethanol and 5 'standard'-curves as prescribed by Citroen for ALL two cyl.-engines, inclusive VISA-engines.

The 123-EVO also offers :

- vacuum-advance
- warm-up-advance
- overheat-retard
- spark-balancing
- dwell-balancing
- current-time-out
- idle-speed-control

Price 2 135,00 SEK excl VAT, 2 668,75 SEK incl 25% swedish VAT

The 123-EVO is designed to work in conjunction with the stock ( black! ) coil, OR the ( brown ) VISA-coil.
It detects automatically which coil is connected and adjusts the dwell-timing accordingly.

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