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123ignition : 123-DS-A

for Citroën DS med förgasarmotor

123-DS-A123-DS-A is a distributor, specifically targeted for the Citroen ID/DS. It contains all the curves for carbureted ID/DS-engines as originally specified by Citroen, for cars after July 1959.

With a switch you can easily choose the advance-curve that was specified for your engine.

It comes with an angled distributor-cap, for easy access to the sparkplug-leads.
Might you prefer un upright cap, please specify a '123-DS-R'

For ID's until 2/1964 Citroen used a distributor with vacuum-advance. To replace this you should order a '123-DS-R-V'.

ID-19B's from 9-'66 until 9-'68 with 'DV'-engine , and DS19A / DS19MA & ID19FA with 'DY'-engine from '65 to '68 require a different fixation. For these cars we offer a '123-DV-R' with a special mounting bracket.

Price 2 458,00 SEK excl VAT, 3 072,50 SEK incl 25% swedish VAT

installation manual 


direct. : CW (topview)
voltage : 4,0-15,0 Volts
range : 500 - 7000 rpm
temperature : -30 to 85 Celsius
coil : stock or High Energy coil
primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohm
dwell : constant current, fully autom.
time-out : after 1 second current is switched off
spark-bal. : better than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
vacuum : advance starts at 5 inchHg
stops at 10 degr. @ 10 inchHg
gearshift retard > 17 inchHg
max.advance : 45 degr. crankshaft
wiring : red = +6V or +12V, black = '-' coil

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